Prior Years' Meeting Topics and Presenters

2023 meeting topics/presenters:

Date Topic
January Facebook Ads with Mal Cooper
February Book Done 101 with Patty Larsen
March It's the Little Things with Tracy Brogan
April Story Structure with Barbara Wallace
May Write Way Better Scenes with Anne Hawley and Rachelle Ramirez
June Romance Tropes and the Shifting Sands of Time with Kathryn LeVeque
July No meeting
August No meeting
September  How to Make Sure Your Book Has Butter and Doesn't Suck with Theodora Taylor
October  The Craft of the Short Story with Anthea Sharp
November Storytelling Secrets of East Asian Narratives and Kishōtenketsu for Modern Romance Writers with A. M. Lau
December No meeting

2022 meeting topics/presenters:

Date Topic
January Writing The Diaspora: Create Diverse Characters with History and Depth with Adriana Herrera
February Story Structure Influenced by TV with Ines Johnson
March Adding Tension to Your Romance with Victorine Lieske
April All Things Book Marketing with Pamela Kelley
May Meeting canceled
June Banking On Your Backlist with Elana Johnson
July No meeting
September Tips and Strategies to Sell Your Books: Amazon Ads with Deb Zeb
October Finding Success with Standalones with Kiersten Modglin
November Writing a Breakout Book with Alana Quintana Albertson
December No meeting



2021 meeting topics/presenters:

Date Topic
January "Town Hall" re: State of the Organization
February Making Feedback Work with KD Fisher
March Overcoming Writer's Block with Meryl Wilsner
April Breaking Ground on Your Manuscript: The Editing Phase(s) with D. Ann Williams
May Nice Girl's Guide to Conflict with Sally Kilpatrick
June Meeting canceled
July Hook 'Em, Then Reel 'Em In with Patricia Barletta
August The 45-Minute MFA with Nisha Sharma
September The Pandemonium of a Pantser, Making the Manuscript out of the Madness with Lydia Stevens
October Q & A with Suleikha Snyder
November Avengers Assemble! What the Marvel Universe Can Teach Us About Writing a Series with Corrina Lawson
December No meeting

2020 meeting topics/presenters:

Date Topic
January "Town Hall" re: Recent Events and NECRWA's Future
February Taoist's Guide to Staying Sane in Writing Business with Jeffe Kennedy
March Copyedits and Revisions Head-On with Isabel Ngo
April Online Promotion for Introverts with Bree Bridges
May Character Archetypes with Anju Gattani
June Your Character's Job with Rose Lerner
July "Workshop" Your WIP
August WriteFAST! with Siera London
September Top Ten Tips for Tightening Tension by Molly O'Keefe
October Five SEO Wins for Authors with Sarah Cassell
November Before You Quit: Minimizing Anxiety and Maximizing Joy in Your Writing with Olivia Dade
December No meeting

2019 meeting topics/presenters:

Date Topic
January Goal Setting [canceled due to weather]
February Author At Large: Face-to-Face Marketing for Fairs, Expos, and Conferences with Satin Russell
March How the RITA Awards Have Shaped Romancelandia with Corrina Lawson
April How to Meet Your Biggest Writing Goals with Sarra Cannon
May History Ever After: Fabricated Historical Chronotopes in Romance Genre Fiction with Jennifer Hallock
June The Power of Author Collaboration: Working Together to Increase Discoverability in Niche Genres with TB Markinson
July No meeting
August Estate Planning for Authors with M.L. Buchman
September Screenwriting for Book Authors with J.A.Rock/Jill Smith
October Love Songs and Snapshots: What Romance Authors Can Learn From a Musician with Paul Pitman
November Sally meets Harry: Creating Memorable Rom-Coms from the Ground Up with Farah Heron
December No meeting