January 19 – Demystifying Edits

You’ve put your heart and sweat into your writing. Then you bravely submit your manuscript to the scrutiny of your copy editor. When returned to you, it’s full of red pencil, comments, corrections, etc. Do the edits make you want to cry?

This Workshop will help calm the sting of a copy editor’s marks. We’ll hear from a professional copy editor, who will help us understand how she acts as an author’s partner. We’ll demystify the work behind:
— Keeping readers engaged.
— Maintaining the author’s voice.
— Making your artistry shine.
— Enhancing your credibility.

Join us to see the glass half full…so that next time you see edits, you can react not with anger but with relief that your copy editor is truly on your team.

With a lifelong love of books, Penny Andler found her calling at Hofstra University, where she received a bachelor’s in English Publishing and Literature Studies. Excited to have been in New York at the center of book publishing, she served as a copy editor at Warren Gorham & Lamont (now RIA), Scholastic, and Random House. Upon returning to New England and moving to the Boston area, Penny expanded her editing experience with finance articles for Standard & Poor’s, industry pieces at IT magazine CIO, and children’s books for Candlewick Press. As a freelancer, she returned to her trade book roots. Now authors and publishers can turn to Penny’s professional eye and knowledgeable hand to make their texts shine.