Congratulations to Our Contest Winners

Winners for the Readers’ Choice Beanpot award and the First Kiss award were announced Saturday at the Conference Awards Breakfast. ┬áHere they are:

First Kiss

First Place – Katy Regnery for “It’s You”
Second Place – Crystal Eliot for “Lessons in Scandal”
Third Place – Virginia Frost for “Prop Girl”
Honorable Mention – Tina Evans for “One More Night”, Susan Chambers for “Dragonfly” and Anna Richland for “The Soldier”

Bean Pot

First Place – Radclyffe for Crossroads
Second Place – Elise K Ackers for The Man Plan
Third Place – Laura Kaye for One Night with a Hero

Romantic Suspense
First Place – Marie Force for Fatal Deception
Second Place – Casey Clifford for An Island No More
Third Place – Radclyffe for Oath of Honor

First Place – Michelle Marcos for Lessons in Loving a Laird
Second Place – Heather Snow for Sweet Deception
Third Place – Margaret Mallory for The Warrior

Erotic Romance
First Place – Karen Stivali for Marry Me
Second Place – Elle Saint James for Unbridled and Unsaddled
Third Place – Lauren Gallagher for Who’s Your Daddy?

Futuristic; Fantasy; Paranormal or Time Travel
First Place – Cristy Gibson for Tangled Web
Second Place – Kaylea Cross for Darkest Caress
Third Place – Sara Humphreys for Untamed

Mainstream with Romantic Elements
First Place – Anna Lee Huber for The Anatomist’s Wife
Second Place – Mary Ellis for Living in Harmony
Third Place – Barbara Claypole White for The Unfinished Garden

Young Adult
First Place – Katie McGarry for Pushing the Limits
Second Place – Marissa Doyle for Courtship and Curses
Third Place – Chloe Jacobs for Greta and the Goblin King