2016 New England Readers’ Choice Award Winners


First Place Tie: Lauren Smith – The Gilded Cage

First Place Tie: Lauren Smith – The Gilded Cuff

Second Place:  VL Locey: Clean Sweep                                               

Third Place Tie: Christina James – Desire Me

Third Place Tie: Renea Mason – Cursing Doctor Vincent



First Place: Tanya Michaels – Falling for the Sheriff

Second Place: Heidi Hormel – The Surgeon and the Cowgirl

Third Place: Kathy Lyons – The Player Next Door


1st BOOK

First Place: Katrina Snow – Forbidden

Second Place: Joanna Shupe – The Courtesan Duchess

Third Place Tie:Brooke Newton – Letting Myself Go

Third Place Tie:Nancy Raven Smith – Land Sharks: a Swindle in Sumatra



First Place: Nancy Herkness – The CEO Buys In

Second Place: Cathryn Parry, The Secret Garden

Third Place Tie: Lauren Gallagher – The Saint’s Wife

Third Place Tie: Holly Jacobs – Carry Her Heart



Leslie Jones – Night Hush

Second Place: Marta Perry – Where Secrets Sleep

Third Place: Cate Beauman – Reagan’s Redemption



First Place: Crista McHugh – Tell Me True

Second Place: Tanya Michaels – New Year’s Resolution: Just a Fling

Third Place Tie: Karen Rock – Winter Wedding Bells: The Kiss

Third Place Tie: Marie Tuhart – Red Club Temptation



First Place: Joanna Shupe – The Lady Hellion

Second Place: Meg Hennessy – A Pirate’s Command

Third Place Tie: Anna Campbell – A Scoundrel by Moonlight

Third Place Tie: LR Olson – A Dangerous Temptation



First Place:  Angela Quarles – Must Love Chainmail

Second Place: Allie Marie – Teardrops of the Innocent: The White Diamond Story

Third Place Tie: Angela Quarles – Steam Me Up, Rawley

Third Place Tie: Katrina Snow – Forbidden